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NinjaCity is based on a combination of Obstacle Course racing and the hit show American Ninja Warrior.

We offer a wide variety of obstacles to allow people of all ages and abilities to develop skills, build strength, agility, and balance in a fun environment. The obstacles change monthly so there is always something new to experience.

Obstacle training builds self-confidence and self-esteem. While building physical toughness, participants are also improving their mindset to overcome obstacles inside and outside of the gym. One of the things you can guarantee in Ninja training is failure in completing an obstacle at some time. Through the process of “Attempt-Fail-Adapt-Try Again-Overcome” you learn to achieve things that at one point in your mind you didn’t think was possible. Some of the toughest obstacles we will face in life are those barriers that our minds create and they can hold us back if you don’t learn how to overcome.

Studies show traditional team sport participation is down and as children get older, the sport becomes more specialized and competitive. Only the strongest and fastest get the chance to play leaving many out. For younger children, Physical Education programs are being removed from schools and the use of technology is creating an epidemic with a lack of fine motor skills and an obesity challenge. Ninja Warrior training opens up an entire new sport to everyone at all levels of skills and experience. You can grow at your own pace and choose to compete against your own personal best accomplishments or train to compete against others at local, regional and National Competitions.

NinjaCity’s goal is to provide the best environment in regards to equipment, safety, coaching, and encouragement for everyone to achieve their own personal best. In doing so, we desire to bring Fun. Family. Fitness to the local community.

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