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Ninja Classes

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive program dedicated to developing healthy athletes through a safe and fun obstacle course experience. Our class will focus on becoming stronger both physically and mentally (self-confidence). Classes are initially placed by age group and skill level however, they may be moved up based on ability. Each class will offer a mixture of ninja warrior obstacles (Balance and Strength-based) and will take place on both our practice and timed ninja courses.

Enjoy the flexibility of our no-hassle classes:

  • No setup or enrollment fee
  • No long term commitment or contracts.

Drop-In Class Option:

Attend any class in for $25 a session.  No registration needed.  Payment due after class. If you decide to sign up for a membership after the $25 fee is waived. (May not be available if class size is at max due to COVID-19 restrictions. Email info@theninjacity.com if interested)

Competition Class 

The competition team will be focused on those students who have the passion and commitment to move beyond recreational obstacle course training and compete at both a regional and national level (Texas Ninja League, UNAA, and National Ninja League).  Ninja can be an individual sport, however, it is better as a community. Must be tested in to join. If interested contact us at info@theninjacity.com.

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Little Ninja Preschool Classes

Our Preschool Class for ages 3-5 are 50 minutes in length and will focus on balance, coordination, and strength using age-appropriate obstacles.  The last 15-20 minutes of class will be free play so the kids can continue practicing what they learned in class or try other obstacles available.  A parent/adult may go onto the gym floor during free play to assist and play with their child. Child and adult must have a waiver on file (one-time waiver).
Parent/adult may leave to pick up older children from school or run a quick errand as long as an adult is present at preschool ninja class dismissal. Thursdays 3:00 – 3:50pm

Please note:  If minimum class size is not reached, refunds will be given.

Reminder:  The Preschool Class is a great time for 3 & 4 year olds to enjoy the ninja obstacles in a safe environment with our coaches.  All other events are for ages 5+.

Homeschool 6 week PE Program (Currently Unavailable)

6 week training sessions. Tuesday or Thursdays at 2:30pm with NinjaCity coaches.  For session dates and more details:  https://www.theninjacity.com/events/homeschool-events/

Ladies Night- Wednesdays at 6pm (Currently Unavailable)

1 hour class for ladies only. Come and get fit while having fun on our obstacles! Sign up under our Bronze membership ($85 a month) or come in for a drop in class $25.


Class Memberships

COVID-19 Class Update and Guidelines:

Due to COVID-19, we ask that you follow these requirements/guidlines; Coaches and students must wear a mask. Parent drop off only. We will require everyone to wash hands before class. A touchless temperature check will be done upon entry. Kids will enter through front exit through out side door to prevent overlapping. If you have not been to NinjaCity before a waiver must be filled out online. We will accept credit card only.

NinjaCity Classes (June 2nd until school resumes)

$ 85

The Qualifier Party Package

  • One class a week
  • 50min class
  • Limit of 10 kids in each class
  • Billed monthly

Homeschool 6 week PE program (Currently Unavailable)

NinjaCity The Loft Party Package

  • 6 week session. Spring Session 2: April 9th – May 14th
  • 1 hour
  • Thurs 2:30-3:30pm

Little Ninjas Preschool

$ 85

NinjaCity The Qualifier Party Package

  • 50 minute class; last 15-20 minutes of class is free play
  • Parent/Adult may assist and play with child during free play.
  • Ages 3-5yrs. Older siblings of students are welcome to join the class as well.
  • Billed Monthly

Personal Training (Currently Unavailable)

NinjaCity Classes

  • 1 hour
  • 1 on 1 lesson
Can not be booked at this time

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