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COVID-19 Update (9/29/20)

Classes are in session! Private Parties, Fall School Break Day Camps (Mon-Thurs 9am-Noon), and Friday Night Fun Camp are now available to book!  Please read below for our class structure, processes, and procedures and requirements.

Structure and Procedures:
Wiping down of obstacles between sessions (Camps, Classes & Private Parties)- We will be wiping down all obstacles handled.
Masks-  Anyone over the age of 10 must wear a mask inside the building while not exercising. While exercising participants do not have to wear Face masks, however, Face Masks and Gloves are highly recommended. Coaches will be required to wear masks.
Wash Hands Upon Arrival-  All participants must wash hands prior to entering the gym floor.
6 Feet Apart- When possible we will be practicing social distancing. Fortunately, our obstacle structures are already at least 6 ft wide by 10 ft long.
Increased Airflow- In addition to the AC, Our 14 ft fan will be turned on during all opening hours to move fresh air along with opening the bay doors from time to time (as weather allows) to let in additional Fresh Air.
Cleaning and Disinfecting-   In addition to the enhanced cleaning routines by our staff, earlier this year we also hired a company (disinfx.com) to provide whole building and equipment cleaning with a hospital-grade disinfectant and anti-microbial to reduce the risk against viruses and bacteria. This service will continue.
Screening for Temp-  We will be using a touch-less Thermometer to check anyone in camp.  Per CDC guidelines, any temp over 100 is considered a fever and potential symptom of COVID-19 and we will ask the student to go home.  If your student has a fever, cough, or other respiratory symptoms, we ask that you please stay home.
Cashless handling-  Credit cards will be accepted, but we will not be accepting cash directly. If your child wants to pay for a water bottle or Gatorade with cash, there will be a Jar on the counter.  It is the good old honor system.
New Waivers – We are requesting everyone to sign an updated waiver. Those can be completed using this link: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5ecd7e1a9adde/web/. It must be completed online prior to attending camps, class, or private open gym.

Limited Class size to 10 – Only 10 students will be in the building at any one time. The class length is 50 minutes.  Please note with the smaller class size, we will not be separating classes by age at this time.  This will allow family members to sign up all siblings 5+ in the same time slot if they prefer.

Transitions Between classes– Classes will be 50 minutes long to ensure social distancing and cleaning procedures can be maintained.  In addition, students will be required to enter through the front doors and exit through the side door (next to opened bay doors) to eliminate cross flow between the classes.
Class Drop-off & Parent/Guardian Viewing-  We strongly prefer for parents to drop off students outside the front doors, however, if needed one adult may stay in the waiting room socially distanced, wearing a mask at all times.

You may contact us with any questions or concerns at info@theninjacity.com

Thank You,

NinjaCity Owner 

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