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Texas Ninja League and UNAA

Texas Ninja League info: The Texas Ninja League is made up of several gyms across Texas with the goal of expanding the Ninja Community through cross gym competitions. Individuals and Competition teams will have the opportunity to compete at each one of the gyms throughout the year to gain points with the goal of making it into the Texas Ninja League Finals. At each competition, you will have a chance to take the podium and earn your medals. Check out the TNL site for more information and see competition dates and locations. TNL age groups as follows: 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs, 13-15yrs, 16+.

UNAA age groups: 9yrs and under, 11yrs and under, 13yrs and under, 15yrs and under.

Competition Rules/Details: 1 stage course with anywhere from 10-16 obstacles and a max time limit on course. You will have 1 redo and gain points for every obstacle finished.  Competition sign up in advance is recommended to reserve space.  Sign ups the day of the competition will only be accepted if space is available and will be $50 on the day of the event. Arrive 30 minutes earlier than time block for check in.

TNL: To earn points to advance to the state finals for the TNL you must register prior to competing at https://texasninjaleague.com. See league rules at https://texasninjaleague50107.wildapricot.org/About.

UNAA: To potentially advance to the next round of competitions for UNAA you must register prior to competing at https://www.ultimateninja.net/join/. See league rules at https://www.ultimateninja.net/about/rules/.

Our Next Competition: TNL Feb 22nd, 2020.

Email Info@theninjacity.com for more info. Non-refundable after Jan 15th. $45 a participant. $50 day of.

Register TNL 5-6yrs Feb 22nd 9:30am
Register TNL 7-8yrs Feb 22nd 10:30am
Register TNL 9-10yrs Feb 22nd 12:30pm
Register TNL 11-12yrs Feb 22nd 2:30pm
Register TNL 13-15yrs Feb 22nd 3:30pm
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