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Fall 2020

Homeschool/E-Learner 4 week PE Program

4 week training session for $65 ($10 off for each additional sibling in same class). 50min class either Tuesday or Thursdays at 2:30pm with NinjaCity coaches.

Our program will focus on becoming stronger both physically
and mentally (self-confidence) and will be an intro into obstacle course training.  Each session will include a mixture of ninja warrior obstacles and free play. This is a great way to get introduced to the sport. 50min class per week (Ages 5-18) Max of 10 students in each class.

Please note: if minimum class size is not reached, refunds will be given.

Fall (Oct 20th – Nov 12th)

Sign up Fall Semester Tuesday 2:30pm –  Oct 20th – Nov 10th

Sign up Fall Semester Thursday 2:30pm –  Oct 22nd – Nov 12th





Minimum age requirement is 5 for all gym activities.

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